Spiritual Sessions

Krysti offers spiritual sessions to nurture, heal, convey and inspire, as divinely led, so clients experience a sense of peace, clarity and hope along with attain a feeling of heaven and earth’s love, which is always present. She gives credit to God , the great mystery of the universe for the profound ways Spirit communicates and offers sessions to support others on their journey.

During sessions, she offers holistic guidance, which helps align clients with their inner and outer universe, while encouraging them on their personal spiritual path, so they experience peace and harmony along with maintain their health.

Whatever the holistic practices may be, she reveals and encourages, while supporting others to buildtheir relationship with the divine. Whether it’s gifts of heaven, everyday living support, a yoga and meditation practice, career discernment, building dreams, health conditions and/or spiritual direction, she meets you with what is right for you, while allowing God to direct.

Sessions differ for each individual and situation, but may include:

Spiritual Gifts ~ Yoga Therapy ~ Meditation

Sessions offer time to share , so Spirit and holistic ways can heal and empower. Prices vary pending  session, so discussion prior is necessary.