“May Spirit radiate abundant love, light and miracles.

May our hearts change the world within and out.

May we know peace, joy and unity, as we align with divinity©“


The miraculous wonders of our inner and outer world

Amazing ways we are granted to live, love and behold

My gratitude for the Universe of graciousness, all presents

Blessings throughout the days, as we share treasured moments ©


 I hear and feel, as Spirit calls and leads

So I nurture this divine plantation of seeds

And pay tribute to the great Spirit in all

As I bow to the divine and follow the call! ©


Awakening into our essence

We feel the Almighty presence

Of divine wonders all around

As Spirit always does abound! ©


Experience love’s transformation

Express your heart and soul evolution

And align with your divine destination!©


Humbling oneself to the powers of the great divine

While phenomenal works of Spirit unite with nature

Birthing lifes’ amazing gifts of Spirit, our holy vine

Transcending and maturing what is to be our future ©


May the Sun shine within

All throughout our kingdom

May our souls be enlightened

Like Spring, as all is awakened©


“Spring is here and blossoming time has begun

As all between Heaven and Earth unite as One

Creating magnificence, light and beauty all around

We bathe in the Sun and listen to nature’s sounds

Melodies of the Great Divine bringing forth Spring

We patiently await, as all becomes and Nature Sings

Holistically growing and blooming like radiant wildflowers

We let go and experience Natures divine timing and powers!”©


Surrendering to the divine wonders of God’s power and ways

Trusting and keeping faith each moment throughout the days

Expecting grace and miracles, which have come to be always

Welcoming the powers of Spirit, as I honor, seek and praise©