Hospice Passages

 Krysti shares hospice passages with others and says, “ it’s a journey of heart and soul, which transcends all. She finds  the soul is a brilliant divine gift of life, a great phenomenon and mystery of divinity. She is in awe over the mysteries of Spirit and the amazing life of a soul!

Regarding hospice visits, she spends time supporting families and individuals, who are at end of this life and passing into next.

During visits, Krysti integrates prayer and seeks Spirit’s guidance, while utilizing holistic methods  to create  a peaceful transition for all. This is called the hospice midwife or doula journey, the birthing passage, as all transitions.

Krysti’s training and volunteer certification was completed at Hospice of the Western Reserve, Sacred Art of Living & Dying and Crossroads Hospice. She worked and volunteered with Hospice of the Western Reserve and completed a college internship with them. During this time, she was able to experience hospice from a business, holistic and personal standpoint. Also, she was graced to journey with Walter George, M.D., a hospice medical director, who she respects and says, “It’s  been a  gift to work with Walt’s wings of medical compassion, wisdom and genuine one on one personal care”. Krysti knows it makes a prfpund difference to work with others and a team, who understand the  complex spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and medical needs during this time. Therefore, all individuals and loved ones feel comforted, directed, supported and understood. She understands the importance of proper care for families and loved ones, so they experience a holistic support system, so all  transition together with a sense of peace that all is and will be well. 

Currently, Krysti journeys with others and hospice independently, as divinely led. She is active and devoted to this journey with families and loved ones, who are declining or under hospice care. Krysti offers comfort and says, “the journey with loved ones and others, who are in this life transition is a sacred soul to soul gift”.

During the last fifteen years of hospice work, Krysti has been touched by countless lives, beautiful individuals and their soul journeys along with countless spiritual experiences, which leaves her with no uncertainty that the soul transitions into the next journey with great mystery, love and Spirit!