Yoga offers sacred time to renew with grace at our personal pace, while listening and honoring our bodies’ divine rhythm, so we come into union mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Private sessions and yoga classes are rooted in Hatha based practices with an integration of teachings from various teachers locally and nationally. During yoga practice, we utilize breath practices, meditation, poses and relaxation to create healing, toning, alignment and peace. For private sessions and/or group class information, please contact me at [email protected] or 440-463-2781 to inquire.IMG_3589 Yoga Background:

 As a yoga instructor for the last eight years, Krysti enjoys a practice and teaching schedule, while graced. She began yoga fifteen years ago, when her dad passed. During that time, she found yoga offered enormous healing, amazing awakenings and exceptional health benefits, which were mandatory. Krysti was suffering from sinuses, ear infections, asthma and other conditions along with habits, which couldn’t be cured , but with yoga and the use of a neti pot, these situations resolved. And she was able to heal, unite and awaken with the benefits of a yoga practice. Then after years of practice, she became a yoga instructor,  a dream come true and act of divine providence, which united her on a miraculous journey with all.  Krysti is  grateful for the mystical practice of yoga, which brings forth phenomenal unions. She honors the  astonishing benefits that yoga brings to her life and countless others. Yet, she knows it’s a practice that must be maintained to receive the benefits!  

Her teaching certifications, as a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Reiki Master were completed at T.R.Y.4Life Yoga School. She is grateful to have been a  part of the TRY4Life Yoga School Teacher Training certification and honors Jan Hauenstein, who created a wonderful yoga movement.  Also, Krysti received a 12 Step Yoga Recovery certification from Nikki and Nat Meyers at CITYOGA, which is cherished. And later, completed a Restorative Yoga Level One certification with Judith Lasater, which was a special journey, as restorative yoga offers profound holistic nurturing, awakening and relaxation. And Judith was amazing in her healing. Therefore, Krysti has much gratitude for Judith and considers her to be a divine embrace of  compassion, yogic wisdom and  healing grace. Finally, she completed Spiritual Coach & Counselor certification under Steven Sadlier at Self Awarness Institute/Enlightenment Now, which continues to be a profound journey, while rooted in yogic traditions, heritage, teachings and meditation; it’s been a sacred gift and phenomenal. And Steven’s been an incredible teacher to support and encourage others and myself to live a holistic journey of peace.

Throughout the journey, Krysti offers classes in churches, schools, nursing homes, fitness centers, hospitals, studios, wellness centers and for special events. As a teacher, she blends her education from other teachers along with her personal style. Her teaching is a spiritual mixture of Hatha, Yin and Restorative, while integrating meditative movement, devotion and flow. And she keeps an anatomical focus, while utilizing breath practices, poses and relaxation, so all unwind, align, strengthen and relax.

Krysti says, “yoga brings enlightenment, wellness and wholeness” .